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Representation before the courts

We represent our clients before the courts to defend their rights, whether as plaintiff or defendant.

We aim to achieve our clients’ objectives by favouring out-of-court settlements whenever possible.

We act in commercial litigation, tax litigation, real estate law, construction law, civil and professional liability, hypothecary recourse as well as in collection cases.

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Our services

Incorporation of a company

The incorporation of a business requires the completion of various steps, including the choice of legal structure (corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.) and the choice of jurisdiction for the legal entity (provincial or federal charter).

In most cases, it is also necessary to register the business with the tax authorities and to ensure that the business has all the necessary authorizations or permits to operate.

We carry out and guide our clients through each of these steps.

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Our services

Merger and acquisition of companies

The acquisition of a business or the merger between two companies requires the preparation of various legal documents which can often be complex and have different legal and tax consequences.

When selling a business, selling the shares or assets of a company has different advantages or disadvantages for the buyer and the seller and the choice between selling the shares or the assets is therefore an important one.

The purchase of a business is an important transaction that requires diligent verification of the various aspects of the business by professionals in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We advise and represent our clients both in the sale or purchase of a business and work in collaboration with different professionals to do so.

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Our services

Corporate reorganization

It can be useful and advantageous to reorganize the legal structure of a corporation or group of corporations, whether to incorporate a management company or a trust, to modify the share capital, to remove or add a new shareholder or even to simplify the existing legal structure by liquidating or merging two or more corporations into one.

We advise and represent our clients in the preparation of various legal and corporate documents and work in collaboration with various professionals to do so.

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Our services

Commercial agreements

Commercial law involves the drafting of various agreements, including contracts or offers to purchase or sell shares or assets, shareholders’ agreements, trust deeds, partnership agreements, commercial leases, service or employment contracts, distribution agreements and various corporate resolutions.

We draft these legal documents according to the needs of our clients and advise them on how to protect their rights.