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Commercial and corporate law

As a business partner of the company, commercial and corporate law is at the heart of our expertise. Whether you are in the start-up, growing, transfer or succession process, we offer all the legal and corporate services necessary to enable you to achieve your business objectives.

Our fields of intervention are very varied, including in particular:

  • Incorporation of a business (joint stock company, general partnership, etc.);
  • Mergers, acquisitions and corporate reorganizations;
  • Drafting and negotiation of various commercial agreements, including in particular contracts or offers to buy or sell shares or assets, shareholder agreements, trust deeds, company agreements, commercial leases, services or work, distribution contracts, etc .;
  • Drafting of various corporate documents and resolutions.

We are thus an added value for your business and our goal is to find simple, innovative solutions that are adapted to your needs.



Construction law

We represent our clients in the field of construction, whether for the implementation of new projects or to protect their rights, whether as general contractors, subcontractors, professionals, suppliers, customers or developers.

Our services relate in particular to development projects, transactions, financing, tenders notices, the environment as well as various disputes related to construction.

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Civil and commercial litigation

We represent our clients before the courts in order to defend their rights, whether in demand or in defense.

We aim to achieve our clients’ objectives by favoring out-of-court settlements when possible.

We represent our clients in commercial litigation, tax litigation, real estate law, construction law, civil and professional liability, mortgage recourse as well as in recovery files.Litige civil and commercial.




In business law, taxation is at the heart of our concerns and constitutes one of the elements that guide our advice and recommendations.

We offer our tax planning services for corporate reorganizations of private companies, business transfers and estate planning. Thus, we develop a strategy and build the structure that will allow you to take advantage of tax rules legally.

We also offer our services in tax disputes, whether at the opposition stage or before the courts. We then work in collaboration with the other professionals of our clients. However, we prefer any preventive intervention that could avoid a potential tax problem when possible.

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Real estate law

Commercial leases

We represent landlords and tenants in the drafting and negotiation of commercial leases as well as in litigation concerning relations between landlords and tenants. Thus, we write commercial leases, rental offers and publish commercial leases in the land register.

Mortgage recourse

We represent both creditors and debtors in mortgage recourse, whether for recourse brought by a conventional lender or following the publication of a legal construction mortgage.

Real estate transaction

We negotiate and draft legal documentation relating to the acquisition and sale of a building or its financing, and we also advise you on the holding structure.

Hidden defects

We represent buyers and sellers in cases of latent defects following the sale of a building, from the sending or receiving of a formal notice to representations before the courts.